Rise Easily
Rise Easily

Rise Easily

This easy-rise walking frame is one with a difference.  The groovy S-bend not only looks good, it allows an extra pair of vinyl grips to be there for when you're heading from a seated to a standing position.  One set helps you whilst you stand, whilst the other is there for when you're ready to go.  It brings out both the tortoise and the hare in you, if you like.

Strong but also comfortable (how I like my men), this frame ensures that you get where you need to go, and safely.  And when you've reached your destination, simply fold the frame at the touch of a button.  It's funky and subtle, and can go anywhere you do!


Lightweight but sturdy frame

Frame is on two levels, for those of us who need an extra helping hand.

Vinyl handgrips, for fuzzy security and squidgyness

Just press a button and, Bingo! The frame folds. A transporting delight.

All four legs are adjustable, for even the smallest and tallest of us.

Ferrule tips make sure that toppling isn't an option.


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