Plug Tugs
Plug Tugs

Plug Tugs


The name might be funny, but the results are serious.  Unplugging stuff can be flipping hard work, especially if your hands rarely co-operate.  But let's face it, it saves energy and money, and we all like flashing a few notes now and again.

These little beauties will help you to plug and un-plug with speed and grace, and they won't put any strain on your wrists in the process.  Simply loop them around your plug(s), label each one accordingly with the included stickers and marker, and hey presto, you've just made your life a hell of a lot easier. 

No more worries about hair straighters setting your bedroom alight, or lamps eating up all your pennies. Plug Tugs, the ridiculously-named but efficient essential for every home!


10 transparent plastic Plug Tugs that fit in with your style

Marker pen to get your colour on and help identify each Plug Tug.

Pack of pretty round stickers for colour-coding plugs and equipment.

Pack of sticky labels for easy identification of plugs and cables.


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