Bendy Cutlery!
Bendy Cutlery!

Bendy Cutlery!

Weaker hands and arms? Is traditional cutlery just not for you? This bendy cutlery might be the answer to enjoying good food once more.

Gripping these babies is easy as they are ergonomically-designed to be ribbed and cushioned.

The fork and spoon heads can be bent up to 90 degrees, and the rocker knife ensures that you can cut food without a back and forwards motion - great for limited dexterity. 

There's also a cool but subtle wrist strap included for extra peace of mind....strawberries not included!


3-piece set, featuring knife, fork and spoon.

Fork and spoon heads are bendable.

'Rocker' knife reduces need for 'sawing' action.

Supplied complete with three wrist straps.


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