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My Purple Compass - Where style is not just saved for the Able.

Many people require mobility and intimacy aids to make their lives easier, but these products are often bulky, boring and a very clinical grey colour.  Making your house look more like a hospital than a home!
Why shouldn't those of us with disabilities be able to use products that help us out, but also fit in with our fashion sense and style preferences? This is where My Purple Compass comes in.  We believe that style shouldn't just be saved for the able, and that everyone, including you, should have the opportunity to show off just how funky they are.
So, we're selling cool mobility and intimacy aids, but also creating review opportunities and a blog with a comments section so that our community has a place to chat about fashion, relationships, travel and the practicalities of everyday life.  All of our products are designed to help you live your lve to the full with style, sexiness and satisfaction.  We are, of course, on-hand to answer any questions you may have.  Get in touch!

To all of you, from all of us, much love and happy shopping!